Why does my practice need a website?

For a medical practice looking to survive and thrive in the midst of the information age, an online presence is essential. Whether your practice is struggling to stay afloat or sustained by a steady stream of referrals, the web solutions we provide here at Avily are sure to benefit you.


A growing potential client base is seeking information regarding medical professionals online, this begs the question, are you making yourself available to this new market?

A website is unique in its personability in that it allows you to share the information you want to share in a manner that reflects your practice best. The nature of a website allows clients to gauge whether your practice is the right practice for them, and for this reason, it’s nigh necessity that your website is well designed and relays to potential clients important information regarding procedures, your team and your practice in general.


At Avily we combine a keen sense of aesthetics with the acute technical knowledge to create websites and web solutions that surpass our competitors’, to enable you to surpass yours.

To potential clients seeking a healthcare professional to suit their needs, a website could be the difference in selecting your practice over a competitor. With a website designed by Avily, your practice can be at the forefront of the information age, miles ahead of practices without websites and even practices with poorly designed or outdated sites.

Due diligence

When making referrals in the present day, many fellow practitioners will make use of your website in order to carry out due diligence. The ease at which websites can be accessed and the vast array of information that can be placed on them makes your practice’s website a convenient means by which due diligence can be carried out, in conjunction with your CV.

Potential clients will also make use of your website to carry out due diligence following a referral, to ensure your practice is attractive to them and offers services that will meet their requirements.

Alongside a website, your practice could stand to benefit from search engine optimization, Google AdWords, social media management and a host of other services, offered by us here at Avily, that will make your presence online a truly useful asset.