20 Aug, 2019

People spend such a considerable amount of time on their mobile devices, particularly on apps like Facebook and Instagram, apps which have millions of active users every month. The question we ask is whether healthcare providers can connect with these same people through social media, where their attention is so concentrated?

Mobile Rules

Today, consumers actively research most, if not all, products and services on mobile devices. And they use the same devices when searching for healthcare providers. Some quick stats on cellular consumer behaviours:

  • Over 80% of all patient appointments involved a mobile device in 2018
  • 76% of patients surveyed have purchased a product or service from a social media post or advertisement

Most patients can’t imagine living without immediate access to information, products, and services in the palm of their hands. For savvy practitioners, social platforms present opportunities to get in front of the right people and turn clicks into patients.

The State of Social Media and Healthcare

Having a social media presence today is normal for most healthcare practices, but paid social media advertising is a crucial strategy to draw new patients to your door. Organic posts will always have immense value. You can educate people, create communities, develop awareness for your practice and promote services, specials and procedures. But you won’t be generating any leads—and if you do, you’ll be doing so from a very small audience.

With social media marketing, or paid social, you can broadcast ads featuring video, with focused content and direct them to people who have recently searched for that particular service. Alternatively, you can tailor your audience to a very specific demographic that may be interested in your services.

The beauty of paid social is that it can be monitored, tracked and adjusted at any point in time, if necessary—to alter the content, target audience or timing. So if your current plan isn’t working for you, it can evolve. 

At this point in time, a social media presence is a critical tool for any healthcare practice. Most dental and medical practices in South Africa have developed a presence and the top-performing practices are using a combination of social strategies to grow and develop their businesses.

If you are considering social media for your business, contact Avily. We can tailor your content strategy to ensure we’re reaching the patients you want to reach, and our team have mastered the art of producing quality content – something that will help build a solid foundation for your digital marketing. Start the conversation now and contact Avily today.