There are some stark contrasts between old-school business ads and the present day digital marketing advertisements we see each day while browsing the net.

Printed phone directories (and Yellow Pages style directories) are on a fast track to the big museum in the sky. If you’re old enough (like me) to actually remember phonebook advertising, you’ll likely recognize that today’s Internet advertisements are the new Yellow Pages. Together with the advantages of Search Engine Marketing, like Google’s AdWords, to reach online visitors directly and locally – these digital alternatives have displaced the traditional Yellow Pages for many reasons.


“These days, you can find a phonebook at the rubbish dump, and if not there, you’ll find it propping up a bicycle tire quite likely attached to your neighbor’s indoor trainer.”


Online advertising is on your desktop, tablet or mobile device. They are everywhere. And they work.  Your smartphone weighs four ounces or less, it’s always in your pocket, and (thanks to Google) it always knows the phone number, the location, and a million other answers, for whatever you’re looking for.

Printed directories don’t update. An ad in the phonebook doesn’t change until or unless another directory replaces it. Maybe next year. Maybe not. Listings are often incorrect, dated, missing, or all three. They are in essence, lost at sea.

Online advertising is flexible, easily scheduled, rotated, changed (or omitted) with a direct link to the advertiser’s complete online presence, social media platform, or landing page.

In addition to being convenient, and up-to-date, online advertising is keyword driven. Think… SEO.  And results appear immediately (and locally) when a user-search qualifies the need or the topic of interest.  And that is why I will always recommend pairing online advertising like Google AdWords with a robust and professional SEO strategy. People will actually find you.


In summary – Internet ads are affordable and more cost-efficient, reaching specific audiences on a timely and local basis. Return on Investment (ROI) is trackable; while budgets are more accurate and flexible.  Each and every health professional in this day and age should be doing some form of digital advertising and marketing – the return on investment is just too good to ignore.

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