16 Sep, 2016

Before outlining the major reasons why dentists absolutely cannot go without a website, there are some important questions to outline.

  • What are the most popular sources patients use to find a dentist?
  • Which factors have the greatest influence on patients when they select a dentist?
  • How satisfied are patients with their current dentist?
  • What factors cause patients to switch dentists?

As a dentist, you should be asking at least 3 out of 4 of these questions on a regular basis.

Knowing the answers to all four is even better. If you’re not wondering about any of the above – why not?


Modern Times, Call for Modern Designs

The landscape of search has evolved, changed, and continually improved and re-invented. No threat here to those who have been searching for providers and services the same way year in and year out, but the big factor to keep in mind, is that of the new wave of younger, tech-savvy, often self-educated customers and patients.

The modern times call for modern measures, and unfortunately many dentists are getting left behind when it comes to making themselves available online.

Many dentists are missing websites, and those you have websites have outdated ones.

There are exceptions, of course, and those with professional sites, brimming with information and education on themselves & their services, are seeing real, measurable benefits in not only their revenues but also the caliber of a patient.


Survive ‘Mobilegeddon’

According to a Search Engine Watch study conducted in 2013, 46% of Searchers in the U.S alone now use mobile exclusively to research! This trend has spread to our shores, and it is very real.

Screens have changed, computers have changed, cellular phones have advanced beyond what we thought possible just a decade ago.

The modern world is alive with technology, and its people are voracious in the way they use their new tools – like apps, sites, and directories – to find and absorb masses of information. All this even before making a final decision on which restaurant to pull into, movie to see, or dentist to visit.

Websites have to be mobile friendly

Search engines like Google will be favouring mobile friendly, responsive websites more and more with each passing day. Great looking websites, which are not mobile friendly, are not ranking as high as they used to on Search Engines. If you’re in this boat. Your boat is sinking and it’s time to jump ship.

Everything is mobile.

That which is not, will get left behind as mobile phones become smarter and smarter.

Integrate Social Media

Health professionals need to tap into the seemingly infinite possibilities tied to Social Media. Standing out amongst your peers has never been easier.

The goal is to attract that massive online audience, engage with that audience, educate them, grow their numbers, and to make your efforts captivating.

Sound like too much to handle?

It’s not that bad. It’s easy to start, easy to manage, and it works – when you know how.

“Bottom line is, you not only need to acknowledge this new wave of tech-savvy patients, and learn how to surf it. You need to be the wave itself. “

Just a few regular posts(as little as 1 a day) in areas like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, can grow a dental practice’s audience exponentially over time. Like the phenomenon of compounding through interest, social marketing compounds with time, but only through regular, sustained ‘deposits’ filled with value, aimed at a target group of patients.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ranking on Google and other search engines is important in any industry.

But why is is important for dentists?

According to Futuredontics, an astounding 59% of patients when searching online are concerned as to whether a dentist accepts their medical aid or not. 44% of patients choose a dentist based on their location, and 29% base their final decision on customer reviews and testimonials. Why not make this information readily available via the web and a good SEO strategy?

All of the information about a dental practice can be produced and displayed to patients effectively via a dental website, Google business listing, and Social Media. The best part is you’ll probably be ranked higher on Google compared to another dentist who doesn’t have any of the above.

Even better news is that the patient retention figures within the dental industry are comforting at only 6% of patients thinking about switching to a new dentist within the next 12 months.

A 2015 ReviewInc.com study found that 86% of Consumers are willing to pay more for a service provider with higher ratings and reviews. 86%! That is a statistic too good to ignore.

Win patients over to your side with a well-managed SEO regime implemented by a professional website and SEO company. This, together with positive reviews on your space of the web, and you’ll most likely keep those patients for life.


Building Trust & Credibility

Quite simply, new patients may not know who you are, or how good your work is without your practice and credentials being available on the web.

Understandably, word-of-mouth referrals are a big part of a dentist’s arsenal, but it should not be the only piece of your dental practice’s inbound client funnel.

A good looking website, paired with reviews (as mentioned above) combined with some regular efforts on social media will result in building trust with patients before they have actually walked through your door.

Trusting patients are comfortable patients.

Make your patients comfortable, before you’ve even met them.

Win them over with your credibility, and help your patients.

With a great website to help you out, you should have no problem at all in keeping those patients loyal, and happy.


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