A 2021 study by AEM Education and Training looked at how TikTok is increasingly being used as a source of medical information by younger generations. It found that the quick 30- and 60-second formats combined with video content allows for the easier intake of information.

Similarly, a survey by CharityRx of 2 000 American adults found that 1 in 5 will search for health advice on TikTok before consulting their doctor.

It’s clear – TikTok is a growing search platform that needs to be utilised to promote ethical and factually-accurate medical content.

Why use TikTok?

With almost 50% of TikTok users aged between 16 and 24, it’s no surprise that a new generation is already taking advantage of TikTok’s endless content to learn more about health concerns, namely sexual health, drug use and mental health.

Users are more drawn to TikTok because the information is not only readily available but it’s also broken down into understandable and accessible information.

Medical Advice on TikTok

TikTok’s fame arguably took off during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, misinformation was rife, and several medical practitioners and professionals began providing localised information about the pandemic.

As COVID-19 became less of a priority, medical TikTok creators have started answering general health questions, reacting to procedures or medical results, and providing general advice about overall health.

It’s a great place to reach a younger generation and push your brand towards more enquiries while still providing valuable information. The general public now knows more about dental fillings, earwax removal and therapy techniques than ever before. 

What does this mean for medical practitioners?

As a medical practitioner, you have access to a wealth of knowledge known only to a select few. Using TikTok as a platform, you can explain your services in-depth while promoting your practice. It’s also another way to boost your SEO and show how invested you are in your brand. 

For example, if you are a dentist, you can show before and afters of procedures or ask one of your patients if they would be willing to have part of their procedure filmed. Alternatively, you can recreate a treatment with one of your staff, walking your potential patients through precisely what they can expect at your practice.

Leveraging TikTok as a brand tool can prove to be beneficial to you now and in the future. Video content is only growing in popularity, so why not get an early start?


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How to effectively utilise TikTok

While some creators seem to have a knack for making videos, it takes quite a bit of skill to generate ideas and then actually film them on the app. You and your staff will need to appear in your videos frequently, as users are more drawn to real-life people and footage. 

Here are a few other ways to boost your content on the app:

  1. Take note of trends

Following trends can quickly get your content noticed more as users search for the sound or theme that’s popular. However, there’s a small gap between the height of a trend and it being overdone, so you need to notice a growing trend early and hop on board as soon as possible – as well as try to put your unique spin on it.

  1. Use keywords (everywhere)

TikTok’s unique platform picks up on SEO and keywords, so ensure that you use phrases related to your field in your video caption, voice-overs and text-over-video. For example, if you are a dentist practising in Cape Town, use phrases like ‘Dentist Cape Town’, ‘General Dentist, ‘Cosmetic Dentist’, or whatever your speciality is.

  1. Show off your work

Everyone loves a good before and after, no matter the field. Make it known if you specialise in restorations or services that transform your patients’ health and appearance. Show case studies and use before and after transformations to explain procedures and their benefits.

  1. Consider working with influencers

Not everyone can be a successful content creator, but those that are can help promote your content with collaborations. Consider having a content creator visit your practice for a procedure so they can show their followers the experience and answer any questions. 

  1. Go live

Live sessions are a great way to interact with followers and potential patients in real-time. You can host sessions answering specific questions and responding to comments. This allows for genuine engagement, and your followers can better understand you as a person and a practitioner.

Perhaps the most important tip is to acquire a marketing team dedicated to populating your social media, including TikTok. As the leading healthcare marketing agency in South Africa, we know the best ways to increase your presence on the platform and create engaging content that will boost enquiries.

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