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As a healthcare professional, it’s normal to feel like you’re constantly seeking ways to promote your practice. The truth is, it’s not always easy to convince prospective patients that your services are worth it. That’s where patient reviews come in handy.

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Why are patient reviews so influential?

One of the most significant reasons patient reviews make such a difference is because they offer social proof. Social proof refers to the idea that people are influenced by the actions of others. When we see someone else engaging in a particular behaviour, we are more likely to follow suit.

In the healthcare industry, social proof means patients are more likely to choose your practice if they see others who have had a positive experience. A glowing review or recommendation can be the difference between a patient choosing your practice versus a competitor.

In addition, patient reviews help build trust between patients and medical professionals. Patients are more likely to trust other patients when speaking about patient experiences, leading to relationship-building with prospective patients.

How to increase your patient reviews

Now that we’ve established how important patient reviews are for your practice, it’s time to start generating them. There are various ways you can encourage patients to leave reviews after a consultation or procedure, including:

  • Prompting them after the appointment — A simple way to get a patient to leave a review is to ask them. You or your front desk can prompt patients to leave reviews on Google or Facebook, or ask them to write down their feedback once they have had their appointment.
  • Get them to scan a QR code — Posters with QR codes placed at your practice can invite patients to scan with their phones and leave a review after their appointment. Positive reviews will be directly posted on your Google reviews, while negative reviews will be transferred to your email. This way, you can follow up with patients who have negative feedback.
  • Use social media — Using various platforms, you can post reviews you have already received and encourage patients to leave new reviews for you. Facebook is particularly useful for this.
  • Send an email — Encourage patients to leave reviews by sending a follow-up email after their appointment. You can include a link to an online survey or encourage them to leave a review on Google or social media.

Using patient reviews in your medical marketing

Once you’ve collected various patient testimonials, you can use them to promote your practice in various ways.

  • Website — Add patient testimonials to your website on the homepage, service pages, or have a dedicated reviews page.
  • Social media — Share patient reviews on your social media platforms. You can create graphics with patient quotes or share screenshots.
  • Marketing — Use patient reviews in your marketing materials, such as ad campaigns, brochures, email newsletters, and other promotional material.

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Patient reviews are, in essence, an essential part of promoting your medical practice. They can help you attract and retain patients by building trust and enhancing your reputation as a medical brand. 
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