16 Feb, 2017

Your website acts as a virtual doorway to your practice.

And it’s what you want patients to see when they search for healthcare providers online.


But before you visualise ideas for your website, ask yourself:

“What do patients really want to know when they visit my website?”

The answer is quite simple.

Patients really want to know these two things:


1. Where is this Practice Located?

When a patient lands on your website, he or she would immediately want to know where you are located. It may frankly be the only answer they’re looking for.

Patients today are looking for convenience more than ever before.




Phone number

Working Hours

Social channels


These basic pieces of information are what each website visitor is looking for.

And they want to get this information quickly and easily.


A surprising number of doctors and healthcare professionals still aren’t displaying this information on their website/s.  Often, those who do have their information available, have it poorly displayed – or it’s hard to find. Websites are either outdated or badly designed.




Up to date

Easy to find


Your website information and how it is displayed, cannot be neglected.

The devil’s in the details, and the small things like displaying

contact information really does count.


A Map

Quick directions

Street view Image/s


All these will make your contact information section or page even better.

Go the extra mile, stand out, and include these on your website.

Your patients will thank you for it.


2. How can this health practitioner help me?

Once a potential patient has established where your practice is located,

they want to know if and how you can help them.


By creating informative content for your website,

you can educate the visitor and describe your services to them;

allowing each to realise how you can help them with their problem or ailment.

Having a “meet the doctor” section on your website conveys your personality and help patients decide to make an appointment with your practice.


What else is important?

Remember, your website is for your patients.

And most of them are on a smartphone.

It’s important that you have a mobile friendly and responsive web design, and enough relevant content on your website to interest new and existing patients.

A well designed, responsive website goes a long way in telling patients how you can help them. Let patients know how your practice can help them in a way which better than the practice ‘next door’.


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