26 Aug, 2019

Optimising your healthcare marketing efforts for mobile is more important than ever as patients continue to use smartphones and tablets for health information. Here’s how you can do that successfully:

1. Define your Mobile Audience

Mobile users tend to be younger than desktop users. This makes mobile an especially important channel for practices with younger clientele, like paediatricians, fertility centres, or gynaecologists.

2. Optimise for Mobile Usability

A good mobile site features quick scrolling, eye-catching visuals, and instant feedback.

3. Write Engaging and Valuable Health Content

While digital advertising is certainty important, content about healthcare issues is what most consumers are after. Healthcare marketers need to create engaging content to grab (and keep) the attention of consumers.

4. Use Mobile to Target Social Media Users

The convenience of social media platforms makes it easily accessible on mobile devices, making it the perfect way to target people on the go.
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