Our experience shows that up to half of new patient inquiries result in no revenue. To successfully market your practice, you need to ensure that you not only have a great marketing team on your side but a well-trained internal team; it’s about building relationships with your prospective patients. Your growth depends on your patients, and without a stable patient-doctor relationship, you are out of business.

For example, if I had a positive patient experience from the time I made that first call through to the consultation, I am going to come back to your practice the next time I have a problem. You have built the relationship necessary for me to trust your professional opinion and character. You need a team that is equipped with the skills required to convert calls and inquiries into patients.

People will always need healthcare services, and when potential patients make the call, they are probably not feeling too well. Your staff still need to keep this in mind and convert the call. This way, the caller receives the help they need, and you generate revenue. If your front desk assistant is not prepared to manage that kind of scenario, you are losing out on patients.

You need to provide ongoing healthcare staff training

People who call your practice to inquire about your services are often seeking help for themselves or someone close. Otherwise, they would not be calling at all. If they do not get the message that you can assist them, they will move on to another call and book an appointment elsewhere as soon as they hung up.  

Here’s what you’re missing

One patient may seem like something small, but it is a large part of your potential revenue you have lost. For example, if you charge R250 per consultation and one daily call does not convert to an appointment, you have lost R65 000 in just one year. Multiply that by some years, and that’s hundreds of thousands of rands that you missed out on all because your staff was unable to convert that call.  

How does frontline healthcare staff training work?

Similar to most organisations, where employees participate in team building activities, this training helps them work better together and helps your medical practice grow. Medical practices are no exception. Everyday tasks including reception etiquette, telephonic communication and dealing with difficult people need to be re-taught regularly; these are real skills that need constant development.  

Other vital subject matters included in our Avily staff training are social media and email correspondence which can often go unattended. To find out what your opportunities are, contact Avily for frontline healthcare staff training; curated by healthcare marketing specialists.