At the recent SAHBA Transition to Practice conference, Avily’s CEO, Khaalid Gaffoor, shed light on the transformative power of AI in healthcare marketing. Khaalid emphasised Avily’s position as an industry leader in this new way of marketing. In his presentation, one of the core highlights was how AI marketing can effectively target individuals who need specific medical services. This will, in effect, revolutionise how medical practices grow. 

AI marketing excels in its ability to hyper-target potential patients in specific areas. By setting clear objectives — such as promoting calls to a medical practice for appointments — AI systems learn to identify the most promising demographics for the best results. This is not a one-time analysis; the AI continuously refines its search, focusing on traits that yield the best results for your objective. 

Platforms like Facebook Messenger use semantic data analysis to infer user interests through specific words without reading the whole conversation. This nuanced understanding shares its insights with a centralised AI platform, which evaluates an individual’s likelihood to complete the set objective (i.e. phoning a practice to make an appointment). This process is dynamic and incorporates various data points, such as searches for symptoms on websites like WebMD or looking up the best local doctors on Google. All these factors contribute to a comprehensive ‘score’, which the AI uses to determine the best target for its marketing. 

In today’s information era, The distinction between social ads and AI-driven Ads is wide. AI ads are not casting a ‘wide net’ on a target audience. Instead, they are precision-targeted, identifying and reaching out to individuals most likely to engage with a medical practice. This isn’t just about reaching people. It is about reaching the right people. 

In a Nutshell

AI marketing uses artificial intelligence to make automated decisions based on value-backed data. The impact of its marketing efforts can be seen and felt almost instantly. Machine learning algorithms are used for their predictive analytics. This means a marketing agency like Avily can create individualised marketing campaigns – encompassing personalised messages, dynamic email content, product or service recommendations, and targeted ads. 

AI’s future in healthcare marketing will likely see more advanced personalisation, increased use of voice search and natural language processing, and even more sophisticated consumer insights. AI strategies your marketing efforts as we shift into how practices interact with customers. This offers efficiency and targeting previously impossible, but it requires a nuanced understanding of technology, strategy and consumer behaviour. 

You Can AI Market

Some key insights into how doctors can market their practice with AI. The number one thing – invest in using AI. It is the idea of spending money to make money. AI marketing isn’t the same as regular marketing. The amount of money you put in will almost always react to your growth. 

When developing your ads for what you want to market, selling the experience of being a patient in your practice is essential. You must discuss who you are as a doctor and how that impacts your practice. Positioning yourself and your practice as key opinion leaders in your speciality is also crucial. Make patients believe you are the best by providing insight they might now be able to get elsewhere. 

Lastly, leverage video and photo content that isn’t generic. Something that speaks to your practice and your niche. Integrating this into AI marketing will help people understand who you are and what you stand for. 

Pioneering Tomorrow’s Healthcare Marketing

With AI, Avily is redefining how you market your practice. Their approach ensures that your practice doesn’t just reach an audience but that that audience reaches back. You are turning your potential patients into actual ones. 

Working with Avily is about building a long-term strategy for growth and success. With AI, every aspect of the marketing campaign is measurable. As AI continues to learn from interactions and feedback, it can refine and optimise your marketing campaign. This ensures that marketing efforts remain practical and relevant over time. 

Avily is pioneering a new era of healthcare marketing. AI-driven strategies lead to more effective, personalised, and engaging marketing efforts, ultimately converting potential patients into loyal ones and reshaping the future of healthcare service delivery.