Marketing trends

The state of digital marketing in the healthcare industry is constantly changing and adapting to new trends and technologies, and this year is no different.

Our top prediction is that technology will be at the forefront of this year’s trends, including artificial intelligence and interactive marketing. But one thing remains from 2022 – it’s all about the patient experience.

AI Marketing

This smart technology has been making waves for some time, especially across social media, but AI tools are becoming especially beneficial for predicting consumer patterns. With smart algorithms, AI can connect consumers with potential services they may be interested in. 

Healthcare providers can drastically improve their reach and engagement with potential patients by harnessing these tools. At Avily, we provide our very own innovative GrowPrac AI tool that grows your practice and increases patient enquiries.

This tool directs your website and content to the exact kind of patient you’re looking for, honing in on your surrounding community and audience bracket to narrow down the individual most likely to approach your practice.

Multi-use interactive features 

Over the past year, interactive marketing tools have gained massive traction due to governments cracking down on data usage and website cookies. As a result, marketers are turning to quizzes, surveys, polls and games to engage their audience and get to know them better. 

In a healthcare setting, these can be useful for finding out what type of content and information your potential patients want to see. For example, you can host polls on your social media platforms or send out an email survey to your subscribers for better insight. 

TikTok takes over

TikTok has surged in previous years and is gaining more popularity. Its short clips and attractive format make it much more accessible to younger audiences. And it’s not just for parodies and dance trends; TikTok hosts any and all conversations, especially those about healthcare.

Healthcare practitioners are using TikTok to provide quick and informative advice that helps educate the masses and build their brands simultaneously. The platform’s popularity has also increased the overall switch to video content. 

Social media and video rule

An interactive and engaging social media presence is essential for digital marketing in 2023. As media becomes more advanced, patients seek practices that keep up to date with technology and showcase an online personality.

One of the best ways to curate your social media platforms is to post informative and engaging video content. Thanks to the popularity of TikTok, patients are looking for short video clips of practitioners providing healthcare advice or tips.

By harnessing this trend, you can encourage potential patients to visit your website and book appointments. 

Create a positive user experience

If you have had experience with digital marketing or have even just visited a website, you’ll know the importance of a great user experience. This is not a new trend but is just as popular in 2023 as it was before.

Patients want to visit websites that are optimised for their viewing, whether on a laptop, phone or tablet. Your website should load quickly, have call-outs for booking appointments and highlight essential information. It’s also important to create a website that keeps in line with your aesthetic and is visually appealing. 

Additionally, you may consider adding a chatbot or WhatsApp feature to your website to allow patients to speak to a consultant directly. 

New SEO tactics

Patient searches are becoming more nuanced, with them seeking out information to self-diagnose before finding professional help. As a result, SEO is evolving to boost particular kinds of content. 

As a healthcare provider, you can monopolise this trend and provide the necessary content on your website as a blog or frequently asked questions. This way, you can establish yourself as a trusted source of healthcare information.
Taking advantage of these new trends and investing in marketing practices that boost your online presence will be vital to thriving in the healthcare industry this year. Get in touch with us if you are ready to start your digital marketing journey.