What is influencing dental patients searches?

The results are in, and this month brought a range of new insights into what dental patients are looking for, specifically when researching practices online.

Possibly the most exciting (and scary) fact about dental marketing trends is that they are constantly shifting. As global trends in commerce, business and inflation change, so does what patients choose to spend their money on.

Patient searches at a glance

The surge of the pandemic is still having last effects as patients around the globe avoid extensive luxury treatments, such as smile makeovers. However, they are still inclined to try minor luxury treatments, showing that dental patients are still invested in their dental health and appearance. However, there is a leaning market towards specials, deals and even freebies.

Patients are choosing to step out of their comfort zones once more for new and exciting treatments but do so with financial caution. As a result, dental practices that offer affordable treatments and free accessories, such as free parking, specials and more, will attract more patients.

Our research shows that dental patients use various mixed media tools to help them make informed choices about dental treatments. For example, YouTube is a prevalent tool for reviews and ‘how to’ videos that show the entire treatment process, allowing patients to understand the experience before they have it.

What dental patients are searching for

This past month we have seen a growing desire for cost-effective dental treatments and practices that cater to various budgets. Simple cosmetic treatments are on the rise, and dental patients are using keywords such as ‘free’ and ‘affordable’ in their searches.

Affordable practices

  • Searches for budget dentists have grown by over 300%.
  • Searches for affordable dental practices near me have grown globally by over 300%.
  • Searches for affordable dental care have grown globally by over 60%.

All for free

  • Searches for free parking have grown globally by over 80%.
  • Searches for kid’s free cleaning have grown globally by over 70%.
  • Searches for free wifi have grown by over 30%.

Where patients are finding their information

YouTube and social media are major sources of information that empower dental patients to make decisions about their oral health.

According to a Talk Shoppe survey, 89% of patients agree that “YouTube creators give me the best information about products/brands.” And 92% say when browsing YouTube, they feel confident they can make the best decision.

Social media channels are another popular avenue as they not only showcase the practice’s brand but are where dentists will promote their specials and sales.

Let’s talk about inflation

We now know dental patients are practising financial caution when deciding on treatments, dentists and practices. However, there is a growing trend for patients who want to treat themselves and are leaning into more minor cosmetic services, such as veneers and teeth whitening.

The majority of dental patients (80%) are researching treatments and practices beforehand to learn more about the experience, cost and process involved. This way, they can make informed decisions and feel confident about where they are spending their money.

Across surveyed countries, people say the quality of a service (46%) and deals (45%) are the most helpful things dental practices can communicate as they make decisions about treatments they’re considering trying.

On average, 45% of consumers in surveyed countries feel less confident making significant purchase decisions on dental treatments than they did six months ago.

When a major treatment needs to be done, 60% of dental patients say they need to do their own research to feel confident about making large purchase decisions.

It’s also important to note that 30% of dental patients worldwide say that 2022 has been a challenging year and are rewarding themselves through more luxury procedures.

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