woman choosing agency for dental marketing
5 Nov, 2019

Dental Marketing Agencies – Should You Hire One ?

Dental marketing agency advice may not be exciting, but it is necessary. It’s tempting to try and do your marketing yourself. A little keyword research here, a bit of social media, and you’re search engine optimized. Right?


Digital marketing for Dentists is a broad and complicated field, with all kinds of continually moving pieces. But the problem is that even though most dentists know they need to be doing some marketing, few do. Dentists miss out on 80% of new patients by not marketing consistently.

A dental marketing agency will keep you on track, and it will help you find and cater to the right customers. They don’t go in blind; they arm themselves with a full strategy on hand to speak directly to your target audience.

That said, finding the appropriate dental marketing agency isn’t as easy as a Google search, and there are a few essential qualities you should be looking for. 

Let’s dig in.

Is the Agency Experienced in Dental Marketing?

You don’t want to be anyone’s guinea pig.

Make sure any agencies you’re considering have experience with dental marketing. Marketing a dental practice is considerably different from marketing any other kind of business – there are HPCSA compliances and other legalities, not to mention the different types of patients you need to attract. 

Ask the agency which channels and practices have yielded the best results in the dental industry– and ask for statistics and case studies to support their answers.

Ask Which Tools the Dental Marketing Agency Uses

Marketing is a complicated business. But the best dental marketing agencies can handle it.

Any dental marketing agency worth their salt will have made use of a few tools to make their jobs easier. Ask them which tools they use and why they use them. They may name a few different programs or strategies – be sure to look into them and see if they’re worth using. Their answers will tell how they approach marketing and what areas they put the most emphasis on.

How Will The Agency Solicit Reviews?

At the risk of sounding gruff: no one enjoys dental visits.

Because let’s face it, dentist appointments are scary, and most people want reassurance before they find themselves in that seat.

Reviews reassure you. According to Search Engine Land, 88% of patients said they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, and 72% said good reviews make them trust a practitioner more.

Any dental marketing agency you consider should be thinking actively about how to bring in more reviews from existing customers.

How Will The Dental Marketing Agency Grow Your Mailing List?

A solid email marketing strategy isn’t even an option for dentists anymore. The minds who run the best dental marketing agency in your area will know that email marketing is a necessity for dentists.

Throughout the healthcare realm, 62% of medical professionals prefer email over snail mail, calls or drop-ins.

Use your emails to welcome new patients to the practice, send appointment reminders, six-month appointment reminders, post-procedure instructions, or even “we miss you” emails to people who haven’t been at the practice for too long.

It’s an excellent way to generate leads through personalized email automation.

But to make all of this work, you need a way to get those email addresses. So ask your prospective marketing agency how they’ll tackle this.

What Kind of Content Marketing they do For You?

Another major area you want your marketing agency focusing on is Content Marketing. The best dental marketing agencies know how to use content to generate leads and boost SEO.

Which means the dental marketing agency you choose needs to determine the best keywords for your business, the appropriate audience to target, and how to generate relevant content around those.

Each topic you cover should be related to your services. If you don’t do paediatric dentistry, you shouldn’t write a piece about Oral Health for Kids. You might compose an article on the unexpected causes of cavities or tooth decay if one of your primary services was fillings.

What Kind of Adverts Will They Run?

Not all advertising is equal. Different ad networks cater to different objectives, and the dental marketing agency you work should accurately determine which channel is best for your business goals.

If you are advertising on the right network and targeting the right keywords, prospective patients will see your ads. That prospect has higher buyer intent, meaning they’re looking for your services right now.

Meaning you’ll likely find yourself new customers.

Will You Get Reports?

You need to set out your expectations upfront. Those expectations should include clear communications and consistent reporting, as well as your KPI’s and business objectives.

Reports justify your investment in dental marketing, so they need to hold all the information you’ll need to be able to determine whether it was worth the money.

Ask your agency how they’ll issue reports, how often you’ll get them, and what information they’ll give you.

How to Choose a Dental Marketing Agency

Your marketing strategy is vitally important. It’s definitely worth the effort of finding a dental marketing agency that fits well with your practice and really knows the ins and outs of dental marketing. 

If you’re looking for an agency that has vast experience with dental marketing, is intimately familiar with the HPCSA compliances, and has proven results in the industry – why not give us a call? We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and offer advice to help you grow your practice.