20 Sep, 2016

Dear Doctor,

As a specialist of some kind, you’re bound to be inundated with questions. While some gladly answer all of them, this is not practical, owing to a busy schedule and let’s face it, life is hectic in general.

Sometimes it just plain feels like you are drowning.

This is where your website comes in.

With a great site, you can find comprehensive information on treatment, success stories of other patients, FAQ’s, details of the clinic operating hours, and many more resources. Most of the patients’ doubts are put to rest, even before they walk in the door.

A doctor’s website can be a very cost-effective tool in delivering the information required. Not too long ago, most doctors in South Africa were shockingly unaware of the concept of a personalized email address. This might be hard to believe, but it’s the stark reality.

Why does something so seemingly trivial matter? It just does. The devil’s in the details, and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

Times are changing fast, and today most doctors use email regularly. But even that is not enough. As a doctor, you need to have a personal website.

Seriously, believe me on this one.

The rapid pace of change is symbolic of how quickly things are advancing in today’s world.

In fact, it is my contention that doctors in private practice in South Africa can no longer afford not to have their own professional website.

Similar to how you need a telephone line to have a functional practice , a website has become an integral part of modern medical practice – and doctors who are not proactive are likely to get left behind.

The key to your success is your ability to keep your patients happy and to provide them with excellent medical care and your website lets you provide many value-added services for your patients.

This means you can use your website to serve your patients round the clock without requiring them to call or visit, making your website a valuable ‘support’ center.

Your website allows you to answer your patient’s queries by email, especially when your phone lines are busy.

A website + email ensures your virtual door is always open.

These days, most patients will be curious about their ailments, and many will use the internet to find information. We simply cannot underestimate your patient’s intelligence in this day and age. Many will spend hours hunting for information, in order to help themselves get better or to be able to make informed decisions about their healthcare.

We find that most patients would much rather get information from their own doctor, or one with perceived credibility. If you provide this information on your website, your patients know they can trust it, and you.

What’s more? Your website actually needs to look good, be simple to navigate and match your ethical values.

In a study by Google in August of 2012, researchers found that not only will users judge websites as beautiful or not within 1/50th – 1/20th of a second, but also that “visually complex” websites are consistently rated as less beautiful than their simpler counterparts.

Get back into the now.

Don’t get left behind.

Don’t drown.




Let Avily help you with that all important website. We’re clinical. And it’s bound to be more affordable and hassle-free than you ever thought possible.

Feel free to get in touch with Ken by mail  (ken@avily.co.za)