A well-conceived interior design enhances your professional image, makes your practice more efficient, improves productivity, and ultimately builds profitability.

  1. Patient Satisfaction

Your patients’ impressions of your practice are shaped by how they perceive your staff and office environment, as they generally do not have the expertise to evaluate your clinical skills. One survey of 16,000 patients found that a fresh, pleasant-looking office is one of 12 things that patients want most in a dentist.
“Like it or not, when people feel good about your office and your staff, they think you’re a great dentist,”  says Fred Joyal, founder of 1-800-DENTIST and a leading expert on consumer dental marketing.


2. Higher Efficiency

David J. Ahearn, DDS, a practicing dentist and ergonomics consultant to dentists, who has worked with NASA and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, says, “[Dental offices] can experience an immediate 30% increase in productivity once the improvement in workflow is complete.”

Over time, even higher productivity can be achieved as you and your staff become adept in the better layout.


3. Delineation of Public and Private Space

Effective interior planning ensures you have adequate areas for confidential communication, such as consultation rooms, personal offices, and zones of privacy at check-in and check-out desks.

Such measures put patients at ease and improve two-way communication.


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