dentist looking through marketing strategies for his practice
15 Oct, 2019
Dental marketing strategies can be difficult to create and implement, especially if you’re doing it without the help of a marketing team. Wouldn’t it be nice to waive the trial and error period and get right to the dental marketing strategies that work? 

I’ve yet to meet a dentist who’s said no. For dental practice owners, marketing is a necessity – but time and money are scarce. So we’re going to help you. We’ve looked through the case studies of successful dental clients and compiled a list of three strategies that are proven to get results.

Let’s get right to it:

Strategy No. 1 – Repetition

We have the hardest time convincing dentists that repetition is an important marketing strategy. 

Repetition is vital in marketing. Most sales – a full 80%, according to market research – take place on the fifth contact or later. 

You have to market your practice repeatedly and consistently so that when prospective patients need a dentist, you are the one they call. 

Repetition is what builds a brand. The consistent and constant message that drives home the qualities and characteristics of that company. People who regularly see your marketing are much more likely to remember you when they need your services.

Strategy No. 2 – Geo-targeting

With so many options-direct mails, pay per click, social media, etc.-deciding how much money to dedicate to each channel can be stressful if you don’t know what to expect. Integrating geo-targeted ads is a great way to approach multichannel marketing.

There are several ways to incorporate geo-tagging into a dental marketing strategy. Facebook allows you to pinpoint areas for your ads to display, and Google goes as far as to let you target people who have walked into your building. With email newsletters, the same people targeted with your emails will also start seeing your online banner ads. You exponentially increase the reach and repetition of your campaign, with zero extra effort.

Strategy No. 3 – Trust Elements

People are already apprehensive about going to the dentist. You should do everything you can to put them at ease about coming to your practice. If potential patients feel that you are credible and reliable, they are much more likely to book an appointment. You can make them feel more at ease with what we call “trust elements”. For dentists, that means explicitly:

  • Adding photos of yourself and your staff to your website and social media. Portraits help potential patients feel like they know what to expect and make them more comfortable with you.
  • A brief biography that’s about you and not just your education and the letters behind your name. Make yourself more personable by including some information about yourself and your hobbies.
  • Ratings, reviews, and testimonials from satisfied patients serve as “social proof” of your credibility (72% of customers say that positive reviews make them trust a business)

So there you have it—three proven dental marketing strategies: Repetition, geo-targeting, and trust elements. These dental marketing strategies may seem like a lot of work to implement, but through our work with our clients, we’ve found that they offer high returns. If you would like a dental marketing consultation with one of our expert campaign runners, please don’t hesitate to contact us.